Roamin Round Raasay

We’re going up there we are, that table top in the middle of the picture
The view from up there, stunning.

A short drive in the van and we arrive at the Sconser ferry terminal on the Isle of Skye to catch the boat over to Raasay. This is a day of epic scenery, stunning views, riding, pushing, hike a biking, and, even a beer at the end, a proper day out. Chris promises a different day to what we might be used to, this is going to be remote and wild. The forecast is some rain, but Chris times our ride to avoid the early rain, then slows us down to wait for the rain on the back side of the island to clear, its all about time, pace, distance, to avoid getting wet.

Walking only on to the ferry, the crew get quite twisty by all accounts if you try to ride on
Looking back to Skye
There’s a 40 or so minute hike a bike, that takes around 40 minutes, not the easiest of terrain to carry a bike over, but, the views make it all worth while
The down from our high point takes us across this plateau looking area, fast n loose.
First slashed tyre in over 20 years of riding, patched and tubed, a short delay, then onwards…

Bikes all but abandoned at the Isle of Raasay Distillery and the tipple of your choice to finish the day as you watch the ferry crossing Churchton Bay to the terminal, roll down the hill and remind yourself what heat is as you enter the lounge area on the boat, you suddenly realise you’ve not been cold, but you have been out in the wilds of Scotland on a cool spring day. That’s a hard 16 or so miles in the bag, and that’s a lot of smiles per mile, well worth the effort.