Is there any Italian wine?

Is a question posed, whilst in a French supermarket, in France!

Le Mans 23 has us travelling to Portsmouth in the worst weather I have had in all of the trips south for the 24 hour race. Although it seems we fare better travelling later from Yorkshire, leaving at 1.30pm with Les and others travelling earlier form Merseyside, we have 60 miles or so of rain, they have 60 or so miles of dry weather. My 500 doesn’t like the wet, it cuts out, kinda scary on the smart motorways with no hard shoulder, smart my arse, death roads more like.

early morning Caen

A gloomy France looms, after a rough crossing where a number of bikes have gone over in the night, but its dry, the road out of Caen is closed, so some navigation is required to box round to Alencon.

not up to its usual eye popping standards tbh.
Hero of the day award to Stroz, his was one of the bikes that went over on the crossing, snapped front brake lever, rode a 100 miles with a stubby before buying a new one at the local bike shop.

The French like their endurance racing, they come prepared.

decisions, decicions

Down at the campsite its filling up and the weekend of noise has already started, we head over to the Porsche curves campsite where most of the noise was coming from.

Ah, that would be the noise then!!

As darkness falls the mayhem continues. Earplugs in, the noise hurts the eardrums, the sound waves of the engines being rev’d n cut out resonate through the air and ground

The circuit seems serene by comparison to the camp sites

With the racing over its back to Vero’s for some peace n quiet and a morning stroll down to the river.

Some of the rabble leaving for the ferry Monday.

An evening with Nick, downtown Fresnay, old ancient ruiny type kinda place, touristville, without the tourists, perfect

A day of following the squiggly road button has us arriving earlyish in Caen, beers some food then ferry home and the drag back up north to god’s own county. The little GS needs some tlc before the next adventure, need to sort out the wet weather running and sort the fork seals out, but that can wait, more adventures in the pipeline soon.