Its Pleuting down….

It comes from the French, to pleut. A week in Scotland, boating, in October, sounds good and it was! I’ve not been boating much in recent times so I book myself onto a week with Andy Holt of Escape to Adventure. Kayak courses & guided trips.

The forecast is great for our week, rain, rain and then perhaps some rain. Having been north of the border on numerous occasions in ditch low conditions it makes something of a change to have more water than we know what to do with at times. This is triple step on the Etive, if you know you know, and this is NO!

The Orchy at the Bridge of Orchy
And later in the week, bank full
Brian on Chathaidh on the Orchy

A bimble down the Orchy on 3 at the bridge gauge warms us up for the week and the forecast rain starts falling while we are on the river, it doesn’t stop and the levels rise to “off it’s chops” on Tuesday when the Etive picture above was taken. The upper Etive is running, we put on below the 5 and get off the express train that follows before triple step, big water paddling on the Etive, who knew, a mass of standing waves, swirls and boils with a couple of don’t go there features, the upper Orchy follows, big n bouncy, just how we like it.

We find ourselves on the Fassfern coming off high levels, a water park of slides and fun.

The Lochy follows

And the Upper Roy to finish the day

It’s been a good few years since a three river day, we earned our corn, well, beer for sure.

Thursday was the Kiachnish, stunning.

Friday and we finished with a cheeky float down the Lower Roy with three electing to drop Allt Lonndrainn.

A cracking week of knackering boating, full of rivers, banter and beers, cheers team.