Browsing through Ebay, as you do, a few years back, I spied a 7//11 for sale in Harrogate, just round the corner from the office, bought it, rode it up the road briefly, then stripped it, at the time I just wanted it for spares. Just as well really cos the steerer stem was this shape, S, and there was a crease in the headstock, not good.

Then a 1100K frame pops up on Grumpy’s page, £50 with a V5, I’ve always fancied a K, despite their reputation, I reckon they are the best looking GSXR.

I love the process of building, it’s easier to just buy something but where is the fun in that. It was a nightmare at times, fitting the exhaust round a 19 row cooler was never gona work, now 16 rows with probably Mk3 or 4 cooler bracket, 1200 bandit swinger with Metmachex brace, unknown stainless headers, cerakoted mated to the ti Racefit by Barry, painted by Mike, seats by James, fairings by Fiberman in the end, couldn’t get the top fairing I originally had up to standard, 750M front end with Brembo’s, window clutch cos its different to the other GSXR, Ewan’s first build, but not the last.

It rides completely different to the other 11, steers much quicker, 50mm shorter swing arm and 750 forks pushed through the top yoke all helps with that, vaguely unstable. The unknown 7/11 motor pulls like a train, no doubt helped by the RS36s. The front Brembos where a bargain, new, from Italy, with pads for about 240, with the new import duties, the master cylinders were bought pre brexit for a fraction of the price sourced from Italy rather than here, the brakes are stunning, probably the best of all the bikes, altho I haven’t ridden Ella this year.