The Last Ride

The last riding day in BC dawns cool, bright and sunny, perfect for a morning out on some local trails. A truck shuttle thanks to D’Arcy drops us at around 900m overlooking Howe Sound, always a good backdrop to any ride. At this height cool is now cold but a short pedal up and across has us warming up and at Meadow of the Grizzly, ready to drop in.

Kira Cailes on her big wheeled clowns bike

Steep, bermed, fast through the trees, we are losing altitude at a rate of knots, dropping out of the trees into some clearcut I am focusing on the trail when a voice behind me shouts look right, I hit the brakes and drink in the view I nearly missed.

We drop Pseudo Tsuga again, getting caught up behind a couple of slower riders, we stop to create a gap, have a brief chat and are off again flying out into the car park at the bottom for the short fire road climb to single track up, its a slog but puts us back into Half Nelson then into Another Mans Gold down to the creek and a steep, loose, bouldery climb, the lower section of Powerhouse Plunge and a promise of steep rolling rocks labs, on –

Somewhere Over There, the best till last, I’m not sure but it’s pretty dam close, making the most of the topography and natural features, awesome.

Rock slabs dominate a section of the trail…. all rollable!

And then, that’s it, done, another riding trip over, all too soon. I am lucky to know people who take me to the best trails. I get to ride stuff without wasting my time navigating or wondering which trail is going to give me the best bang for my buck. I have only ridden a handful of trails, Squish has much more to offer, more time needed to explore and link trails to ride the ultimate day. Hopefully I’ll get to ride here again one day.

Big thanks to Len, Chantal, Larissa, Dixon, Kira and D’Arcy.