Spa 2018

Its hot, dam hot, well into the 30’s during the day, there’s no better place than Spa in the summer, packed with classic Japanese muscle bikes.  Trick frames abound, housing big air cooled motors of yester year, we love it.

A bout of food poisoning from the ferry trip over on the Wednesday night is no help when riding to the circuit on Thursday, we make the journey in short 50 mile hops, taking some time off the bikes to re hydrate.

The pits are friendly and open to all, Guy Martin is rubbing shoulders with the masses and even takes time to fix up the brake system on a friend’s transit van, probably doubling the value of the vehicle now he’s laid his golden, oily mitts on it!

Malmedy for breakfast, supermarket for supplies and back up to the circuit for more entertainment.  We stay off the grape juice on Saturday, having paid our ten euros to do a couple of parade laps round the circuit, taking in parts of the original road circuit through the surrounding villages.  The laps are supposed to be controlled and at times they are slow as riders bunch up, but we manage to find enough room to leather the GSXRs up Eau Rouge on the second lap, as fast as we dare, which to be fare probably isn’t that quick in the grand scheme of things, its steep, blind and kin scary!!

The endurance race is split into two 2 hour races, more of a sprint really, there’s a bunch of GSXR powered stuff mixing it with Zs, GSs, GSXs and a host of old skool powered noise, brilliant.