This project started out as yet another ebay purchase, this time just a bare Z1R frame that had been braced by kipkawa.

Its been braced around the headstock, swing arm and near the back of the tank, it came with some really nice lock stops, welded onto the frame but these had to go by way of the angle grinder as they fouled the tank, as did the headstock bracing, that was sorted out in ten minutes with a hammer and drift. replica rolex usa seller replica watch manufacturer tag heuer autavia replica wrist watch replica

I got the bike booked in with Barry Dawson to undertake some modifications to update the suspension and wheels. After much measuring and investigation I settled on a TRX850 swing arm and I already had a GSXR front end to slot in. It needed quite a bit of work to get the swinger to fit, he had to shave about 10mm of either side of the pivot, then recess the bearings by the same amount, shorten the bearing spacer, cut out the monoshock, weld on twin shock mounts and machine the sprocket carrier down to get the chain line true. That’s when he discovered the frame was bent. John Warrington in Malton sorted that out and allowed Barry to line everything up. He turned up a new stem for the yoke and gave me a call to collect it all..

I the put it on a shelf for nearly 2 years. Then I needed bodywork, so popped over to see John Browse in Wrexham, leaving his place a few quid lighter but with fairing, tank, tailpiece and seat.

I gathered up some other bits and pieces, YSS shocks, Dyna coils and ignition, goldlines, sprockets and other stuff.

I mocked the bike up over Xmas / new year and started on the wiring. The intention was to put it back on the shelf, but then lockdown arrived, so work started again.

2mm ali plate for electrics
I made a few enquiries about Lithium batteries, half the size and a fraction of the weight, running an isolator switch and a digital voltmeter to monitor the charging rate
powder coating by Raw wheels just outside York.
Brembo Goldlines mated to the some plates off Gary Bond bolted to GSXR forks, with |Spondon discs.
I’m not running a standard headlight and was going to run an oversize headlight cover but it didn’t look right, so I took the drastic action of cutting the headlight mount out.
some glass work
That number board look is what I was going for.
Poor man’s twin filler, dummy on the left, newton filler on the right. Harris clip ons, but swapped round so they are near flats.
Needed to cut back the fairing an inch or so to give the brake and clutch levers clearance.
The seat base has needed a good few hours of mullering to get it to fit. Seat locks are prohibitively expensive so needed an alternative. There should be two locating lugs on the frame, just behind the tank, but they’re missing, so came up with an alternative.
There’s a tab at the back of the seat that locates under the tail unit and a ZX7 seat catch at the front.
Am not running side panels so needed to junk some brackets, out with the angle grinder, carefully!!
Cleaned up triangle