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Our practical sports bikes, a pair of Harris Magnum 4s,  are tied down in the hold of the ship as we cruise across the Bay of Biscay, heading for Bilbao. We have taken the slow boat from Portsmouth, leaving Sunday night, arriving early Tuesday morning leaving us with a full day of riding ahead.  One […]


Project X part 3

Gathering parts for a project can be a long process, waiting for the correct parts to fit this model, battery box, or at least one with more metal than rust, oil tank, switch gear, ignition, although I opt to but new for the last two items as fitting 40 year old versions of each is […]



Shortness of breath, world spinning, banging headache with the biggest views imaginable, That’s all part of the Khardung La experience. Billed as the highest motorable road in the world at 5,359 metres, that’s a shade over 18,000 feet in English, although the measurements are questioned these days with more accurate calibration of such instruments.  All […]


Jota progress

So, project Jota is beginning to take shape, the resto would be going quicker but its not the only build going on in James’ workshop. Rough cast wheels are stripped, prepped and treated to a coat of paint Frame is dipped and a couple of minor repairs sorted before being primed and two packed The […]


Assen BSB

With the penultimate round of the BSB championship being held at Assen, we felt compelled to pay the Dutch TT circuit a visit.  The 4,542 metre track is known for close racing and great vantage points for us, the great unwashed. The ferry dropped us at Europort early doors Saturday morning and with about a […]


Project x – part two

Its been a while since part 1 of project x, but I have been busy with other things. Ducati 750ss front end has been grafted in with a new steerer and bearings.  GSXR750 clip ons happen to be the correct diameter and I happened to have a set lying around The original intention was to […]



The opportunity to own an iconic bike doesn’t always present itself on a daily basis.  Especially when the bike in question is a “proper” Jota with a 180 degree firing order. This one has been sat for getting on for 26 years in a garage, luckily the decay doesn’t run too deep and with some […]


It’s new, brand new!

Its fair to say the roads around the Scottish coastline have been there for a few years but now they have badge’d the route up as the NC500 the number of visitors to the region has increased massively, pushbikes, cars and motorbikes all taking to the roads, taking in the delights of the highlands. Heading […]


Spa Classic 2016

In the hills of the Belgium Ardennes lies the circuit of Spa Francorchamps.  Designed in 1920, hosting its first race in 1922.  The first race had been scheduled in 1921 but with only one entrant the race was cancelled.  Thankfully the number of people wanting to thrash their vehicles round the circuit have increased.  As […]


Alan, Alan, Alan!

I love motorbikes, I love road racing, although that is called into question with the passing of a yound rider in Satruday’s supertwins race, Malachi Mitchel Thomas, my thought go out to all who knew him. Life is all about what you do and who you do it with and motorbikes, big fuck off motorbikes.  […]

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